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Life Lesson #209 ~A Light In the Darkness

May it be a light to you in dark places when all other lights go out. “ ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Forty years ago this month in December of 1977 I was celebrating Christmas with my parents and our very large and very diverse extended military family. My parents were a true light shining in the dark. An example like none other to me. Our home was never quiet or dull for that matter. It was always open and overflowing with folks every night for dinner, bible study and fellowship. In fact, many nights our floors were filled with sleeping GI’s. And this Christmas was no different.The tree was up, our stockings hung and the table was set. Mama was in the kitchen cooking with a small band of eager helpers. My daddy was in the living room with a couple of the young guys putting together a few of my new toys from Santa. And I was out on my brand new roller skates with Cathy. Life was good. I loved our life there. My dad was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany at the time. Our quarters were often covered in…

Life Lesson #208 ~ All Tangled Up...

"You will never look more beautiful than when you stumble from the destruction, and smile at surviving the chaos.” ~ Madalyn Beck

Have you ever seen a lantern glowing brightly in the darkness of the night? Ever thought to yourself how exquisite this firelight inside was against the backdrop of nightfall? I’m often taken off guard, left breathless in fact every time I catch a glimpse of the Tangled lanterns inside Disney’s Fantasyland. Besides simply being stunningly beautiful, they’re gracefully illuminating, enlightening and inspiring. I’m reminded each time I pass by of God's grace and goodness surrounding my own life. In many ways I’m taken back to the very moment breast cancer's shadow swept across my chest. As I watch each lantern twinkle, coming to life as the darkness of night breaks out across the sky I hear these words whispered in my ear…”Let the lights guide you home Christie.” I tell you this with a heart full of awe and gratefulness, on those particular magica…

Life Lesson #207 ~ Tall Tales

“Lying won’t erase the truth, it can only delay it’s discovery.” ~Unknown

I realize I talk a lot about my growing up years. My daddy called me Motor Mouth as a little girl. So yes, I talk a lot. And I write a lot too. I suppose that’s largely due to my upbringing. I've had quite the adventures if I do say so myself. My childhood was full of up and at 'em kind of days. Memories, I sopped up like a biscuit to gravy to be honest. And for a writer that's never a bad thing. I’ve certainly enjoyed my share of interesting humdingers along the way, that’s for sure. I can’t say I haven’t seen the world because I have. I’ve lived all around the globe and across this amazing country I call home. I’ve climbed mountains, sailed oceans, laid my eyes upon many of the world’s greatest wonders, danced inside castles and listened to symphonies within beautiful, old and historic halls. I’m blessed, that’s for sure. By God’s grace and my parents adventurous spirits, I’ve spent most of my life …

Life Lesson #206 ~ Choosing the Road Less Traveled

“Do what is right. Not what is easy.” ~ Unknown

Knowing what’s right and having the courage to follow through with it can be two totally different things, can they not? As a little mama used to read to me. She read often and kept my library diverse, expanding my imagination daily. Robin Hood was absolutely one of my favorite bedtime stories. It probably goes without saying, Disney’s 1973 animated classic adaptation is hands down one of my all time #1 all time most loved films. Well, right after The Rescuers, that is.But getting back on topic Disney’s version of Robin Hood stands out as something rather special in my life. My poor record player probably felt worn, slap out most days...I mean I’d play my LP over and over and over again. I knew every word, every song and every move our dear hero took on his way to freeing the good folks of Nottingham. To be honest, the movie itself is rather clever in its adaptation of this legendary character, if I do say so myself. There’s defin…

Life Lesson #205 ~ What If?

"You ever stopped and thought wow, I prayed for this. It's here. It's happening."

Have you ever thought what if? What if I had been smarter or been prettier? What if I had a bigger house or a better education? What if I had more money or a better job? What if I had a different family and a different name altogether? The question of what if is most certainly a loaded question, is it not? And what makes us really believe these things can truly bring us real happiness? Growing up as an only child with a curious nature I often asked what if a lot. As a little girl I was a free spirited, bubbly, and talkative freckle faced, red head with adventure on the brain. I often wondered out loud to myself  and to anyone else would listen,  what it might be like to have a sister of my own. I wasn't picky, she could be my big sister or little. I didn't care if she had brown hair or red just as long as she was my mine. Truth be told I was a miracle baby, and the odds of my par…