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Life Lesson # 22 ~ CANCER IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT!

Ever heard the old saying something wicked this way comes? Ominous sounding isn’t it? Cancer can be summed up in those five words. It’s a nasty, harsh, foul, troublesome, wicked and very formidable enemy. The big C is an uncertain opponent, not only fighting but destroying our bodies from within. She’s not always selective in her process; still she seems to target those she chooses with precision. Cancer is downright irksome and annoying as much as she’s devastating, calamitous and catastrophic in her nature. Cancer comes in many forms, with different names, faces and countless masks yet despite her disguises; she is a dishonorable, malicious and completely disagreeable adversary. 
My life has been more than just touched by cancer, it’s been clawed at, torn completely open, eaten from the inside out and slashed casually leaving scars all over my chest. What cancer has not done is take away my joy, my hope, my faith and my spirit for living. I am not cancer’s victim, I am her equal. She…


Ever wonder why? Just sit down, scratch your head and say out loud “why, just why”? Many times if we wait long enough or hold on for one more minute, maybe two, we can figure out what’s going on and why. Unless of course it’s going to be one of “those” kinds of days, the wait a minute vine days, the grab you by the neck, you have ring around the collar days. You know the kind of days I’m talking about, those throw your hands up in the air, palm to the face type of days? Ya, those unexpected moments when the unknown fills the room and completely suffocates you? There’s literally no explanation available. Nada, zip, negative, nope, no go amigo! So there we are, just a big huh. It’s about then it sinks in, the reality there’s suddenly an elephant in the room and it’s your job to find a way to move this 15,000 pound hot mess along. Can I tell you I’m there right now?
Life lesson #21, always expect the unexpected!
I have to be honest; I’m a little scared, somewhat afraid, just a tad nervous,…

Life Lesson #20 ~ LOVE IS NOT A FAIRYTALE!

My parents love story started some 46 years ago. Two people, two families, two different paths, crossed and entwined into one story. Both knew pain, hurt and were wounded early in life. Their stories are not that different from yours or mine, they met, fell in love, were married and four years later I was born, their only child. Life was good; we traveled, shared family dinners, laughed, and suffered loss, moved from place to place with each of dad’s new orders and then later when his civilian jobs called. Close really doesn’t begin to cover the bond our family has always shared.  Growing up I saw my parents love story unfold, sitting in awe of the love they shared.
When my dad first met my mom, she was a Philly beauty, just 19 and still recovering from a deep personal loss. My dad was a southern gentleman, 23, home from Vietnam, just out of the army deciding on what to do and where to go next. Their meeting to any stranger would seem like chance, but to those who know them; their love…