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Life Lesson #167 ~ You've Got A Friend in Me

"I'm much more me when I'm with you." ~ Unknown

I love the summertime. I mean what's not to love about the lazy days of summer? You know what I'm talking about, especially if you're in the education field. The stay up late nights followed by those non alarm sounding wake ups, messy hair, no make-up, PJ wearin', barefoot I'm burning daylight, I don't care filled with a hot cup of tea, a good book, your play list turned up best morning ever kind of days. And the best part well that's the ability to spend the afternoons with your closest friends. When I say I'm truly blessed I am. Over the last few years God has strengthened and fortified several wonderful and remarkable friendships in my life. These women many of you know I call my sisters of the heart. Truth be told, I have no doubt, we'll be the old ladies causing trouble, racing our wheelchairs and dueling with our canes one day.That's just who we are, goofy, silly and downrig…

Life Lesson #196 ~ Southern Mama's

"And she loved a little girl very, very much ---even more than she loved herself." ~ Unknown
If you've ever truly spent any real time in the south then you know the apple never falls too far from the tree. Ask any southern woman including myself about her greatest attributes and she'll tell you flat out, "I got it from my Mama!" And nine times out of ten we'll be out spoken enough to let you know once we open our mouths it's our mama coming out too! It's just how it is around here. There's simply a particular way we do things not only in the south, but in Texas I suppose. It's just a given thing here when you drive someone home you wait around until they've not only unlocked but closed the door behind them before driving away. Truth be told we love our sweet tea, probably a little too much actually. We call all soda's coke and absolutely nobody eats 'till you say amen. We wave to strangers, we carry pocketbooks, and we'll…

Life Lesson 195~ Casting Stones

"I'm a failure, He's my forgiver. I'm a sinner, He's my Savior. I'm broken, He's my Healer. I'm His child, He's my God." ~ Daystar

Today I'd like to take a look inside the world of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Honestly there's a lot of depth inside this book. As a teenage girl I saw this story in simpler terms. This literary classic is chalked full of amazing storytelling. The brainchild of Victor Hugo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame is written to stir passion and rouse thought provoking questions. Moving through each chapter there's this feeling Mr. Hugo intends to incite our emotions. As the reader we experience everything from anger, to exasperation, irritation, sadness and even those few but glorious moments of joy. Now add his unwavering degree of significance and purpose written into each of the main characters, and it really goes without saying my young mind couldn't grasp it all. I believe I was drawn into this literary ma…

Life Lesson #194 ~ Anyone But Yourself

"Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?" ~ Danielle LaPorte

I'd like to just take a step back today. Possibly gazing back through the Looking Glass for just a moment or two. Why? Well Alice is a continual reminder of what happens when dreams are turned upside down. Seriously look at poor Alice here. She's fumbling her way around nonstop through Wonderland. Looking inside each chapter, page after page Alice has had to navigate a capsized, overturned and quite honestly an inverted maze.Talk about aggravating! The cards dealt poor Alice here truthfully shows us just how difficult this and any other fantasy world can be. Much like Alice and her adventures in Wonderland, life sometimes has to steer and negotiate through both a mad and certifiably daft world first before we can find our way back home. Look at things from this perspective...Alice with all her assumptions and dreams regarding a world of her own only led to unrealistic exp…

Life Lesson #193~ When We're Old and Gray

"I chose you easy, but, not because I think it will always be easy, because with you I know that even on the dreadful, wretched, luckless days, when the troubles of the world are downpours of thick, clamoring, beating rain ~ you will laugh, take my hand, and whisper delightfully, Dance with me." ~ Beau Taplin/The Dance
It's funny when I think of how Johnny and I met some 22 years ago. We were both so young, just getting out into the world, finding our footing. I was just out of college and he was a real country boy. He showed up for our first meeting in wranglers, boots and a black cowboy hat. I was absolutely smitten as he took my hand and led me out onto the dance floor. I was late, he was early but somehow our first meeting happened. We'd been talking on the phone for a month and had decided to take that fateful first step, meeting in person, for the first time in public, on a real date. I was beyond nervous, and so was this good looking American Indian, county bo…

Life Lesson #192 ~ Life is NOT a Competition

"Life is a journey, not a competition." ~ Unknown
As a little girl growing up in the 1970's and 80's I was surrounded by books, comics and my imagination. I'd spend hours outside running, jumping rope, climbing trees, crossing monkey bars, roller skating down the sidewalks and riding my bike anywhere I could. I loved to go berry picking, build forts and spend the weekends cooking out with our family and friends at the state parks. I loved skipping, fishing on the pier or out by the lake and roasting marshmallows every chance I got. I loved the long summer days we spent on the beach, the sand between my feet and the cool spring evenings we spent playing mini putt putt at the castle. I grew up an only child, this is a fact. So for me this meant I had to learn early on how to entertain myself and not get bored. Because of this I learned to use my imagination quite well and to explore and to take adventures within an adventure. I was the girl with wild ideas and impo…