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Life Lesson #212 ~ Fearless Dreamers

“Her soul dwelled in the wild parts of her heart vibrating to the music it found there.” ~ Atticus

As a little girl I spent hours playing by myself. If you needed me all you had to do was poke your head out the backdoor or holler out the front. I was off on an adventure in our backyard or down the street. Be it up in a tree, on a bike or down a slide I was out, romping around on a quest somewhere. Checking in a little later you’d find me under a canopy made from a freshly cleaned sheet I'd turn into a tent by late afternoon. I was usually hiding out from pirates or storm troopers. Better yet if you just waited you’d find my five year old self dancing in a pink tutu with a lopsided tiara, pigtails almost fallen out and long striped socks on my feet belting out an off key song. This was my routine most nights right before dinner anyway. And between you and me, I had an old used up Tickle deodorant bottle in my hands serving as a microphone as I stood in the middle of my previously n…

Life Lesson #213 ~ True North

“True love isn’t found, It’s built.” ~ Anonymous

Love, it all starts with a spark, doesn’t it? And afterwards, is where the real adventure begins. Sure diamonds are forever but adventures, now they’re the moments diamonds are made for. Each impression left across our hearts, every escapade along the way becomes eternally endless and enduring, right? We build our lives on these very memories. And as for the legacies we leave behind? Well, they’re each stitched from the very fabric God’s woven together from our greatest adventures. We find our true North as we set out, hand in hand chasing what sets our souls on fire. And for my parents that fire was found in each other some 49 years ago. Just like Genesis 2:18 God created my parents uniquely for one another. “ And the Lord God said, “It isn’t good for man to be alone; I will make a companion for him, a helper suited to his needs.” Now, they will both tell you they didn’t find each other first. Both felt the sting of rejection, loss and…

Life Lesson #211 -Dig a Little Deeper

“And one day she discovered she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” ~ Mark Anthony
Not everything makes sense. But not everything should I suppose. I for one can make my husband's head spin. The truth is we’re not the couple anyone expects. We’re as different and as wonderfully mismatched as they come. I’m a typical nerdy, book readin', comic book talkin', Star Wars lovin', Disney quotin', tea sippin’ Gospel singin', Jesus saved, southern cookin’, Texas raised gal. Johnny was the high school linebacker. His Friday nights were spent out under the lights of a Texas high school football stadium. Mine were spent inside books, with a Disney movie playing in the background. When Johnny and I met we were about as different as oil is from water. I was quiet and he was a fun loving flirtatious jock. Thinking about it we were as likely to end up together as Tiana and P…

Life Lesson 210 ~ Day of Forgiveness

“Love your family. Spend time, be kind and serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised and today is short.” ~ Unknown

Family. We're born from and by them. How we came to be part of our families, isn't the question. One way or another we did. Whether through birth or adoption, our lives have been built upon their stories. Their history is our history and ultimately our story as well. For me, home is a place where unconditional love resides...a shelter and refuge full of memories, both and happy sad. I come from a very closely knit family. Not perfect in any way shape or form but close. I’m deeply connected to my roots and family tree. Today I stand in awe of both the lineage and legacy surrounding my life. My family has and will always be my greatest source of strength and joy. We’re a crazy bunch, that's for sure. But what family isn’t? I look at our life together and I’m reminded “we're just the right mix of chaos and love.” What I can tell y…

Life Lesson #209 ~A Light In the Darkness

May it be a light to you in dark places when all other lights go out. “ ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Forty years ago this month in December of 1977 I was celebrating Christmas with my parents and our very large and very diverse extended military family. My parents were a true light shining in the dark. An example like none other to me. Our home was never quiet or dull for that matter. It was always open and overflowing with folks every night for dinner, bible study and fellowship. In fact, many nights our floors were filled with sleeping GI’s. And this Christmas was no different.The tree was up, our stockings hung and the table was set. Mama was in the kitchen cooking with a small band of eager helpers. My daddy was in the living room with a couple of the young guys putting together a few of my new toys from Santa. And I was out on my brand new roller skates with Cathy. Life was good. I loved our life there. My dad was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany at the time. Our quarters were often covered i…

Life Lesson #208 ~ All Tangled Up...

"You will never look more beautiful than when you stumble from the destruction, and smile at surviving the chaos.” ~ Madalyn Beck

Have you ever seen a lantern glowing brightly in the darkness of the night? Ever thought to yourself how exquisite this firelight inside was against the backdrop of nightfall? I’m often taken off guard, left breathless in fact every time I catch a glimpse of the Tangled lanterns inside Disney’s Fantasyland. Besides simply being stunningly beautiful, they’re gracefully illuminating, enlightening and inspiring. I’m reminded each time I pass by of God's grace and goodness surrounding my own life. In many ways I’m taken back to the very moment breast cancer's shadow swept across my chest. As I watch each lantern twinkle, coming to life as the darkness of night breaks out across the sky I hear these words whispered in my ear…”Let the lights guide you home Christie.” I tell you this with a heart full of awe and gratefulness, on those particular magic…