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Life Lesson #203 ~ Leaving Neverland

"One fine day, it will be your turn. You will leave homes, cities and countries to pursue grander ambitions. You will leave  friends, lovers and possibilities for the chance to roam the world and make deeper connections. You will defy your fear of change, hold your head high and do what you once thought was unthinkable: walk away. And it will be scary. At first. But what I hope you'll find in the end is that in leaving, you don't just find love, adventure or freedom. More than anything you find you." ~ Unknown
Growing up is hard to do sometimes. It's not exactly easy for anyone really. Life can throw some pretty deep if not big punches. And for you my beautiful, precious, brave baby boy, it's never been easy.  Has it? Let's face it. From the start you've faced some rather oversized obstacles; and honestly, an unfair amount of immensely substantial hurdles too. You were born under the shadow of complication coming a little earlier than expected. From t…

Life Lesson #204 ~ I Found Myself... In Wonderland

"Direction is so much more important than speed." ~ Unknown

Fall is my favorite time of the year. And not because of any dramatic or major weather changes either. I mean were talking Texas here. We're warm enough year round to wear flip flops and shorts most days. Even when it's chilly outside flip flops are still in order with your jacket on. And if it gets seriously cold we'll pull out the boots and sweaters, but all ya have to do is wait a day or two and the flip flops are be back in action. I'm just sayin' Fall around here y'all is rather laid back. But honestly I kinda like it that way. The sky darkens and sun sets earlier. And yes, the leaves do eventually fall. Truthfully though it will still take a few months for the branches to become really bare. Scarves  do begin appearing, sweaters escape from the closet and long sleeves might eventually see the light of day. As for our BBQ? It's a year round deal. I mean not to brag but Texas BBQ is s…

Life Lesson #202 ~ Have Faith

"Pray so big and so often that when God meets you at Heaven's gate, He says, Kid, you kept me very busy."  ~ Unknown
The year was 1977. I had just turned four years old. We were living in Germany at the time. Frankfurt to be precise. Back then going to a movie was a real treat. And not one you took for granted either. Disney had just released 'The Rescuers'  and we were on our way to see it. After all back then going to the movies on post was a big deal. I remember being so excited reaching for the container full of popcorn in my dad's hands before leaning over to grab a sip of soda from my mom. My daddy, he was just as excited as I was. As the lights dimmed mama, held my hand, whispering in my ear, "Christie, it's about to start honey." I sat there seated right between my mama and daddy, smiling ear to ear just like a Cheshire cat as the opening credits began. I stayed awake for the whole 77 minutes as the Rescue Aide Society chose Bianca and n…

Life Lesson #201- Villians On Parade

"When people are ready to, they change. They never do it before then, and sometimes they die before they get around to it. You can't make them change if they don't want to, just like when they do want to, you can't stop them."  ~ Andy Warhol
When I was a little girl I simply loved this time of year. October was a happy time around our house always full of high spirits and amusing fun filled weekends. My parents were never big on Halloween, but they were big on fall. We decorated with colored leaves, corn, pumpkins and gourds. Our house continually smelled of pumpkin and spice. Mom made all kinds of pies, haystacks, hot cider, oatmeal cookies and candied apples. On the weekends we'd gather with friends and celebrate the season together. Sometimes we'd spend the weekend at a Fall Festival or take a hay ride. There was always lots of music, games, goodies and of course bobbing for apples. And no October was ever complete without watching the Great Pumpkin Ch…

Life Lesson #200 ~ Jealousy

"When people are intimidated  by your strength and happiness, they'll try and break you down, and break your spirit. Remember, it's a reflection of their weakness, and not a reflection of you." ~ Free Spirited
We have a saying here in the South. Truthfully it's probably where 'Bless your heart' originated. See, while we're biting our tongues, mama's raisin' isn't forgotten. When folks are acting all high and mighty and being ugly we simply remind ourselves to kill 'em with kindness. Lord have mercy! This task may be really difficult at times, but the truth is, you catch way more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, that's for sure. Now when it comes to those who ain't acting like they got good sense or feeling the need to make a mountain out of a molehill, well you just gotta remind yourself, "more Jesus, less drama." Mama didn't raise no fool... I can assure y'all of that. When gossip shows her ugly fac…