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LIFE LESSON #42 ~ Keep It Simple!

I’ve been busy this last year. Life has kept me on my toes, that’s for sure.  I went back to work, full time, and found my independence streak was stronger than ever. I hit the ground running. And no I haven’t stopped since. After milling around for a bit I realized I wasn’t a scared little girl, but a grown woman, strong and bold.  With a soft push I stepped off the cliff, wings ready to fly.  I reminded myself who I was embracing the strong woman that I am. With a little more encouragement and confidence I dusted off my degree, wiped off my dirty knees, straightened my skirt and rose up a completely new woman.
The adventures I’ve been on, the stories my soul has gathered and the photographs my heart has taken have been amazing. Life, as it should be has been filled with crazy ups and downs from the lunchroom through the moment I stepped back into the classroom as an educator again. Now, I’m ready for summer, to replenish, to relax and enjoy my time off.
Right now, I’m simply conte…

Life Lesson #41 ~ Put Your Fighting Shoes On!

Having your life under go total reconstruction can be messy, real messy.  Everything has to fall apart to come back together.  The reality is it’s going to become extensive and expensive on all fronts. Reconstructing your life is painful yet remarkable.  Life, once you commit to the process of reformation can get complicated.  Suddenly our typical right of way priorities are uprooted, dug up and sorted out. There’s a saying “I’m proud of who I am because I fought hard to become her.”  This suits me perfectly.  Who I am now, who I have become compared to who I was before 2015 is almost unrecognizable.
I guess I kinda just fell off the face of the earth, tucked myself under a rock and squirreled away for the winter.  Sometimes you just have to simplify life, get rid of all your distractions and let the rest go.  I made a conscious decision to prioritize my marriage, my family and yes, myself.  It’s surprising how many times as women we think we’re aware of our priorities and yet know a…

The Uniboob Club Goes Under Contruction

A little note from Christina...
As you can see things are changing a bit around here. I hope you're as excited as I am! I'm really eager to dig into new life lessons and yes seriously begin writing after too long of a hideous. So just be patient with me a little longer, I'm working on new posts and an update to the blog, something new, simpler and something to match who I've grown into this past year. See you soon!

~ Christina